10 TikTok Marketing Campaigns: How Brands Are Using TikTok Influencers

10 TikTok Marketing Campaigns: How Brands Are Using TikTok Influencers

Pharmaceutical brands have not been known to have the easiest rides when it comes to social media influencer marketing. Traditional advertising is notably harder for medicinal products. Because of FDA and FTC guidelines, influencers have to be extra careful when promoting health products. With social media stars often running afoul of requirements, brands have been cautious in how they use influencer marketing for medical brands.

Kim Kardashian’s dressing-down by the FDA caused many brands to rethink their strategies, with many now opting to avoid directly advertising medical products and instead forming partnerships that utilize influencers’ personalities to market products.

Mucinex’s campaign, its first on TikTok, was in this same mold, using creators to promote an over-the-counter product; a first for TikTok.

The campaign involved challenging users to a “transformation”; a common theme which suits the platform’s style well, making use of transitions. Transitions are slick edits from one video to another, typically done by users to show a quick, smooth change to their viewers.

To participate, users had to post a video contrasting them being “too sick” with them being “so sick” and include the tag #TooSickToBeSick, to promote their cough medicine. The challenge was a success generating over 889 million views.

They partnered with four influencers for the campaign; Jaydencroes, OurFire, dreaknowsbest, and Nick Tangorra. Jayden Croes’ effort notched up 501K likes. Altogether, the four racked up 1.8 million likes and over 20K shares.


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