WhatsApp Marketing Strategy – ThinkPen

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy – ThinkPen

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How To Build A WhatsApp Marketing Strategy?

In the previous blog, we have discussed how WhatsApp marketing has changed the ways of marketing even the way digital marketing used to work. It has not only eased the ways to perform tasks but also helped the small businesses and professionals to cut their cost of marketing up to a larger extent. Thus, in this blog, we will understand how to strategize for a fruitful WhatsApp marketing campaign that actually can help you with the growth of your business.

In the previous blog, we learned, how efficiently you can manage to interact with your potential customers using WhatsApp Marketing but as you know nothing goes without planning. Hence, a robust WhatsApp Marketing Strategy is necessary to achieve your business goals. So here, we would understand how to formulate your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy for better results in almost next to no expenses.

Key Majors of WhatsApp Marketing

A well-planned and researched strategy can channelize any marketing campaign in the best possible by chalking out the major objectives. A well-made strategy helps you to plan your project in the phases while offering you a benefit to change if something goes wrong. To help you strategize your WhatsApp Marketing better, here we’ve pointed some major steps that will help you to achieve your goals.

Define Your Goals & KPIs

This should be your primary objective and you can do this easily by revising your marketing funnel. This will help you save your time and effort on unnecessary things. Determining your marketing objectives will help you to target your customers better. Try to find out the weak spots. List out the business goals you think you can pursue with your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy, this will help you to find out if you’ve met these goals and the areas that need improvement.

For instance, if you’re having an issue with customer retention, strategize your WhatsApp Marketing to address your former clients with promotional messages, personalized offers, and greetings. In this case, your KPIs will be engagements, clicks & customer retention.

Mark Your Target Audience

This is imperative. Zero downing your target audience will help you cut the unnecessary cost and effort in the execution. Although there are several ways to pin down the target base the most impactful and classic one is to create the customer profile. You can do it by surveying your existing customers using Facebook or Google surveys to get a better understanding of the demographics and geographical character of your clients.

Otherwise, you can also interview a few of your clients across different business verticals to understand your target client base better. Here are a few questions, you can ask your customers

  • Why do they use your product/service?
  • What value do they want to add from it?
  • What are their expectations from your product/services?

This is a standard practice called Job To Be Done (JBTD). To deploy this framework you can opt to use CRM or conduct this survey using Social Media or Google Analytics by adding data to it.

Get the WhatsApp Business App

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Businesses work way more different than individuals and to meet those organized requirements of small and large businesses, WhatsApp has come up with a stand-alone application named WhatsApp Business which offers you a wide range of additional features to help you with customer service and engagement. Some of its useful features areas:

Business Profile: It allows you to create a sophisticated business profile with all the relevant information such as business description, business address, email, and website.

Catalog: This option lets you showcase your products or services virtually to your customers with pricing and other specs.

Labels: This helps in organizing your chat with the customers as per the stage of the sales funnel. You can label them closed, follow-up, etc.

Quick & Auto-reply: to engage and interact with the customers easily.

Stats: This helps in tracking the response as sent, delivered, received, and read.

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Create a Brand Persona

Being human, we often find it interesting to engage with humans or with the businesses which offer a personalized experience. The same goes for the rest of the world. Thus, to create a successful brand persona focus on the traits, attitudes, and values that your brand (business) has to offer.

Every brand comes up with a certain brand persona, for example, Apple always focuses on being aesthetic and intellectual while Fanta has a brand persona of being playful and easy going. Similarly, sports brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas offers vigor and passion. Your brand will too have a personality and thus try to find out the meaningful traits of your business, the values it has to offer.

This persona will help you to communicate with the prospect over WhatsApp as it underlies your tone of voice and communications. Personalize your communications with the customers. Try using a person’s name as a signature, it works better.

Build a Contact List

It is important if you’re looking forward to using WhatsApp as more than a customer support option. To channelize and promote your business to a wider audience, you need a contact list, a list of potential prospects.

Although there are multiple ways to get them the most effective and tested formula is to use the subscription form. Using the subscription form for your newsletter, podcasts, or a lead magnet for example an e-book or a free guide to hacks & tips, etc. will help you build an organic and authentic contact list.

To build a better and bigger contact list, try going multichannel forms – as they offer your subscribers with options to receive the updates at their desired channel such as Facebook messenger, mail, or WhatsApp. This helps you to communicate with your customers better at the channels they prefer and it also increases engagement thus conversions.
Always segment your audience to send relevant and personalized content, this will help you engage and offer a personalized experience.

Design Your Communication

WhatsApp has an impressive opening rate relative to other marketing channels. According to a survey, it has a whopping rate of 98 percent with a user base of up to 2 billion worldwide. To harness this exclusive feature of the WhatsApp all you need is communication with your prospect.

Despite all these even, there is one thing that can strangulate your marketing efforts to death – substandard content. Yes, to fend off these mistakes, all you need to chalk out your business objective, the message you want to deliver, and adding personalization to it. People often don’t engage with plane offer messages or promo codes, Instead, try building an engaging audience by creating personalized chats, addressing the topical interests.

In the process, never bombard your audience with the messages, It will turn them off; they will eventually opt out of your brand. Instead, keep your conversations sweet and short. Greet them with 5-10 messages weekly. Reinforce them with quality visuals, motion graphics, etc. Emoji also works marvelously in WhatsApp marketing.

Deliver Great Customer Service

People often prefer brands with better customer support. Most people use messaging platforms for instant brand support. WhatsApp marketing can turn out to be a useful magical wand as more than 59 percent of people believe in getting better and faster brand responses via messaging.
WhatsApp Marketing, in this case, allows you to offer real-time customer support as more than 28 percent of customers expect to get help in an hour, and 18% of people anticipate an immediate response from the businesses.

Keeping up with the customer’s expectations is an arduous task, but WhatsApp helps you to support your customers round the clock without fail. Deploying a chat bot is something you can do by feeding with typical queries and their inputs. It will also ensure a whopping cut of 30 percent on your customer retention expense.

Our Take

Summing up, An ideal and functional WhatsApp Marketing Strategy encompasses different stages ranging from audience building to maintaining the customer relationship using the personalized communications while keeping your business ethics in check. Practicing these steps back and forth will help your business to become the master in WhatsApp Marketing.

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