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You know how those Hollywood Stars didn’t want to be on IG 4 years ago cause they thought they were cool sh*t, but now they’re like “Uhoh”?

See people like Kylie Jenner. She built a brand on Instagram while it was the trend.

Now she sell whatever wherever, but that couldn’t be possible if she didn’t strike the Instagram trend.

Why can’t anybody be a part of that circle? And why you should try to?

For my skateboard brand I tried with Instagram Stories when it was hot.

I was getting views and traffic but other than that… No fans. NO sales.

TikTok was getting traction. I noticed it so I moved my content from IG to TikTok and then. BOOM.

I understood immediately how it worked so I planned a strategy.

I posted every day and I got 137k followers in 2 months.

And if I did it NOW that you’re reading, I would even have better results since millions of people are joining the platform every week.

The faster you move with the right strategy the better the chance for you.

You don’t need to be beautiful or a 12 years old. Originality is what works on TikTok and it’s proven to work in every industry.

NO STRATEGY = BIG LOSS tho, even if you’re Kylie.


1: Don’t reinvent. Emulate viral content.

2: Find your micro-niche that’s easier to conquer, conquer it and then conquer the bigger niche and so on

3: Create content that sells you, your product or other people’s so you can monetize from your phone

I will help you have success from your cellphone. Deal?

You can do it.

I wish I had this knowledge when I started. I would have probably been a millionaire now, no jokes.

So get your copy and apply the principles NOW.

Good luck, -Martin.


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