TikTok Marketing: What Is TikTok and How To Market On It?

TikTok Marketing: What Is TikTok and How To Market On It?

As you’re moving through this process, also look at the most popular videos associated with those keywords, under Discover>Top. 

While not a lot of information about the inner workings of the TikTok algorithm is public, there appears to be a component that allows anyone with palatable content skyrocket to popularity. 

The team at Later reports from a first-hand investigation into the app that posts seem to be ‘tested’ on people who don’t follow you.  If it performs well in that first group,the post will be served to even more non-followers if it performs well in that first group. Reach depends on performance.

“When your video is published, it’s served to a small number of TikTok users in between popular videos on their For You page. This is why when you’re scrolling through your For You page, you’ll often see a video that has very few likes.

If your video is received well by the users who initially receive it on their For You page, the chances are it will get bumped up to a larger pool of users, and then to even more, and so on.

So even if you only have a handful of followers on TikTok, your video could still skyrocket to success!”

While this is great encouragement when producing your own original content, this also gives us clues about when to nab an influencer as they’re on the cusp of becoming popular.

The micro-influencers with just one or two wildly popular videos that gained traction through this performance-based model may still be in the process of amassing a huge following (and price tag).

Keep an eye out for these as you sift through popular videos from your keyword search and document influencers to reach out to. 


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