TikTok Marketing: Complete Guide To Promote Your Business

TikTok Marketing: Complete Guide To Promote Your Business

TikTok has been steadily growing in popularity over the years since its release. TikTok was initially designed as a fun app to share short, goofy videos for entertainment purposes. Recently it has become a reliable marketing tool to promote your business as well. 

Using TikTok will ensure your business is promoted to anyone with a cellphone. This free app is available for both Apple and Android based devices. It’s simple to navigate, no searching required, just continue scrolling up to see more content. If you’re looking for something specific, there is a search engine available. 

Ease Of Use

TikTok is a unique and easy to use platform. Users can simply open the app, go to the Discover page, and be offered an endless supply of videos to enjoy. There’s no need to decide who they’re planning to follow because the content you can enjoy is not limited to the people you’ve followed. 

Each TikTok user has their very own preferences, and if they choose to create an account, they can subscribe to the channels that share their favorite content. Doing this means that when your favorite TikToker uploads any new content, it will be highlighted to let you know. 

Tiktok Most Downloaded AppTiktok Most Downloaded App

TikTok’s Target Audience

TikTok was released in 2017 by a China based company called ByteDance. Since then, it has become a highly popular and widely used social media app. 

Formerly known as Musical.ly, TikTok is really a combination of Twitter, Instagram, Vines, and Facebook, all in one place. 

Marketing through this sensational app has become the topic of conversation. With over 1.5 billion users, it’s easy to see why this is a wonderful marketing tool for your business.

This unique marketing tool is mainly geared towards young people. This is perfect for a budding business that is looking to get plenty of views! Viewers will tell their friends and share the videos of what they see, which in turn, they share with their friends and family — creating a happy domino effect that will surely increase sales and revenue for your business.

Promoting Your Business on TikTok

With the TikTok platform growing in popularity every day, you’re probably wondering how you can use that to further your business. Here are five ways you can use TikTok to your business’s advantage:

Tiktok AdsTiktok Ads

In-feed Advertisements

These ads will pop up between videos and allow a company to showcase exactly what they have to offer. These skippable ads are fully customizable and provide traceable click-through rates, total views, and video viewing time. 

Hashtag Challenge Ads

This type of ad is featured on the discovery page of the app. By clicking on the banner, users are brought to an instructions page about the challenge where they can participate in it. It channels the consumers’ recent views towards your business and gives them a chance to participate in something fun while simultaneously promoting you.   

Tiktok Hashtag ChallengeTiktok Hashtag Challenge

Brand Takeover Ads.

TikTok helps you fully customize your ads. In this type of advertisement, you will be using Gifs, short videos, or pictures as a way to draw future customers in. Clicking on the ad will take them directly to the landing page for your business. 

Hashtag Challenges

These actually started on twitter, but TikTok has continued this fun way to promote products. This can be another wonderful marketing tool for you and your business. #TikTokMarketing.

User Participation

This is absolutely the most fun and easy way to engage with your potential customers. This type of marketing encourages users to participate by sharing their experiences with your business and/or products. Essentially your customers post about your brand and/or products. These positive and happy customer comments and videos show other potential customers their pleasant shopping experiences. 

Audience Growth

When it comes to platforms like TikTok, Likes, and Followers are everything. The more people that follow your channel and like your posted content at any given time, the more recognition you channel will receive. A quick way to get your channel off to a great start is by using a service like Manager Gram to give it a healthy boost. Our services allow you to get these much-needed likes and followers when you’re first starting. This helps generate interest and build your account following much quicker, which, of course, will lead to more potential customers finding your products. To learn more about what we can do for your TikTok page, check out tiktok followers and tiktok likes pages.  

Influencer Marketing

Another great option is working with existing influencers. An influencer is a particularly popular uploader that has a wide fanbase on TikTok. The influencer you’re working with will help find a way to mention your business and/or product in their content. What it will do for you is to bring your brand to the attention of possibly even millions of viewers all at once.

When working with an influencer, it’s always best to let them decide how to introduce your business/product to their viewers. Although you may know the most about what is being promoted, they’re going to know how to best tell their faithful viewers about it. 

Tiktok SponsoredTiktok Sponsored

TikTok also offers paid advertising. Although this type of marketing is still in its early stages on this particular platform, it is gaining popularity. Taking into account the sheer volume of people that use TikTok every day, you can easily see why paid advertising is another smart way to this platform. 

 Many who are new to using TikTok as a marketing tool, have chosen to use a combination. Starting their own channel complete with direct links to their regular home pages. Uploading videos, pictures, and other content. Adding positive customer reviews as often as possible through hashtag challenges and other user-generated media.

Hiring an influencer for that little extra boost, especially if you’re not entirely familiar with social media. Influencers can help by showing your products to their many viewers and encouraging them to check them out themselves. Paid advertising is not a new strategy, but it is an effective one, and TikTok is a bustling platform to try it out on. 

Success Stories

Maybe you’re wondering what type of businesses are using TikTok as a marketing tool. TikTok isn’t just a place for budding new businesses to start. Big brands are using it too.

Big brands like Chipotle know that staying up to date with these types of platforms is a fantastic way to bring in new customers and engage with the customers they already have. 

Here are some examples of businesses that are successfully using TikTok as a marketing platform. 


This, as I’m sure you know, is a chain of Mexican restaurants. Currently, they have over 55,000 followers on TikTok. Their posts use a combination of music, memes, and restaurant references to highlight their menu items and interact with their fanbase. A great example of this was when they helped celebrate #oneyearofTikTok by releasing a video showcasing a plate of tortilla chips that appeared to be singing the Adele hit “Someone Like You” to a bowl of guacamole. 

The Washington Post

It might surprise you to learn that this newspaper was one of the earliest brand adopters of TikTok. They use their account to bring awareness to the newspaper through fun, comedic videos and skits from around the newsroom. The Washington Post account is a fantastic example of how business can succeed on a social media platform simply by talking directly to their target audience.


This account has an astounding 5.1 million fans! Unlike their Instagram account, which focuses purely on basketball, their TikTok channel shows a more light-hearted side. They use their account to post fun videos of things like the adventures of their mascots and players dramatically working out or dancing on the court. They also occasionally like to post inspirational videos and quotes.

United Nations IFAD

When you think about a platform like TikTok, agricultural or government groups are probably the last thing to spring to mind. IFAD or International Fund for Agricultural Development is challenging this thinking with their account. The group focuses on fighting world hunger by using rural agriculture, and they’re using TikTok to spread awareness to as many people as possible. They post informative and inspirational posts to positively encourage viewers to change the world. Some of their more popular content shows high-quality short videos of people farming all around the world. 


While this company only has three posts and 35,000 fans, they were also the first to launch a hashtag challenge on TikTok. Shortly after TikTok launched, they teamed up with Guess and started the #InMyDenim challenge. This encouraged users to film themselves in all sorts of places while wearing Guess’s new line of denim fashion. This has been branded the first challenge to go viral!

San Diego Zoo

Everyone loves adorable animals, and the San Diego Zoo knows how to use this well-known fact to everyone’s advantage. Their content is pretty straightforward, combining a cute animal video with great music. And with 50,000 growing fans, clearly, this combination is a hit. 

NBC’s Stay Tuned

While this one may have started as a Snapchat news show, it has also had massive success on TikTok. This account has nearly a million fans at this point. Their content shows a combination of behind-the-scenes videos and quick news bits that touch on pop-culture and weird events. 

Quick Marketing Tips

While your content might not go viral as quickly as some of these more well-known brands, TikTok is still an excellent tool for marketing. 

Using TikTok is a smart way to touch base with a younger audience and introduce them to your particular brand and/or products. 

Some things to keep in mind when you start your TikTok marketing journey:

Keep it fun

Use humor where you can. There is no wrong way to showcase your company. Let your creativity flow! Show people the warm personality that is the face of your business. 


Maybe you have a wild, offbeat idea in the back of your mind that you think people would enjoy. Go ahead and try it! Unlike older platforms of marketing, there are no rigid rules or expected practices on how your content should be presented on TikTok. Let your personality shine through with your content.

Interact With Your Fanbase

TikTok has a ton of ways to interact. 

Coming up with hashtag challenges (#challenges) is a super fun way to get people interested in your business and/or products. Using tags like #DuetThis is another great way to get people talking about and interacting with you. It’s pretty simple to make a duet with yourself to be used on your channel as well. Simply record a video and then select duet. This will vertically split your screen, and your videos will appear side by side. You can then add effects to make it even more interesting. Add any finishing comments and publish it!

It may start slow, but if you stay consistent, your fanbase will grow. Pay attention to feedback and comments that are posted. Don’t be afraid to reply to these comments. People like to feel like their being heard and talking to the people that are enjoying your content is a great way to start.

TikTok has even been talked about on the Jimmy Fallon Show! People are excited about this app. Celebrities, companies, and every day people are all coming together to make TikTok a growing voice in the media marketing arena. 

Tiktok StoreTiktok Store

Wrapping Up

According to this article on Hubspot, TikTok now has more than 500 million active users and 800 million global downloads. These numbers alone make TikTok a sound, smart place for your business marketing. 

Social media has taken over. People no longer search through heavy, musty phonebooks or numerous newspapers looking exciting new products and businesses. The focus has been channeled to what’s available on your smartphone and tablets. Based on the amount of time people are spending on these electronic devices, it only makes sense that advertising is available as well.

TikTok entertains by way of snappy, fun videos. It only makes sense to take advantage of this growing platform to showcase what you have to offer. Millions of people are on the app every day, and the number of viewers keeps growing. Take some time and see for yourself what TikTok has to offer. 

Get Tiktok FollowersGet Tiktok Followers

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