Whatsapp Marketing – Whatsapp Business Enables B2C Communication

Whatsapp Marketing – Whatsapp Business Enables B2C Communication

Whatsapp BusinessWhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile app that enables message exchange across different mobility platforms (iPhone, Android and, Windows Phone) giving Businesses the ability to communicate with their customers using media rich whatsapp messages, opposed to traditional Text messages. It would not be wrong to say that a smartphone user can miss their text messages but not a whatsapp message.

Whatsapp Marketing Versus Whatsapp for Business

While Whatsapp Business is a platform that powers Businesses to use whatsapp to communicate with their clients / vendors, misuse of the platform for sending unsolicited and Bulk messages for Whatsapp marketing purpose is against the terms and conditions and Acceptable usage policy of whatsapp. Whatsapp has clearly communicated that businesses should refrain from sending bulk whatsappp marketing messages.

WhatsApp For Business API – Breeze of Fresh Air

With the Launch of Whatsapp for Business, Businesses that were using their personal numbers to communicate, have now adapted to Whatsapp for business App. This New App by Whatsapp is Great news for Businesses as it opens up an array of possibilities in terms of how businesses will be able to communicate with in their business ecosystem. The possibilities with Whatsapp API for Business opens up many fold and businesses can now integerate Whatsapp into there business and manage client communication more effectively.

WhatsApp For Business – Core Features

Support For Multiple Media Formats

Text based messaging has its limitations. Let’s imagine, you want to send a new year greeting or the images of your new product launched to your clients. Using text messaging, it’s impossible as it doesn’t support pictures. Whereas WhatsApp enables you to send rich text messages to the clients in the form of:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • vCards
  • Documents
  • Location

Ability To Track The Status of the Message

The Blue tick of Whatsapp tells the senders the status of the message sent, If the recipient of the message has opened and read the message, the tick turns blue thus letting you can know if your message has been read.

WhatsApp for Business Supports Message Broadcasting

In addition to the 1-2-1 messaging Businesses have a need to constantly update their clients, vendors about their business updates. These updates could be a business news, marketing message, product launch, promotional offer etc. Broadcast feature allows to create broadcast lists from contact list and messages can be sent in the form of Text/ Images / Video / Documents . This feature saves you from the pain of sending same message to multiple people one by one.

Additional Features

In addition to above, here are some cool features that can make your life easy.

  • Business Profile – Manage your Business profile
  • Welcome message – Send an automatic message when someone reaches out to you.
  • Add Quick Replies – Maintain a list of quick replies keyword based
  • Label Your Messages – Organise your message using labels
  • Chat Statistics – See how your Business communication is fairing out.

Applications for Whatsapp for Business

The Whatsapp for Business application can be used by Businesses to connect with their subscribed business contacts in the following ways.

  1. One to One Messaging for support / sales functions
  2. Managing Chats using Labels
  3. Share business Information in form of catalogs, Videos, Documents
  4. Broadcast News, Promotional offers, Events, Product Launches

The discussion onn this page with respect to WhatsApp for Business platform is for information purposes only. BrainPulse is not associated with WhatsApp Inc. in any manner and does not promote, encourages, or offers marketing services on WhatsApp or related messaging platform / software for sending unsolicited automated bulk messages.


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