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Facebook Ads for Nonprofits – Social Good at Facebook

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Use Facebook Ads For Your Nonprofit

Facebook Ads can help you reach new people on Facebook who may be interested in your organization. If you have some budget to work with, ads can be a highly effective way to scale your organization and drive tangible results.

What are Ads?

Facebook Ads are paid placements of content on Facebook. Ads can appear directly in News Feed or in the right hand column. When creating an ad, you choose the objective you wish to achieve and the audience you want seeing it.

Success Stories

Save the Children

Testing ad objectives to support charitable donations through Facebook

charity: water

Filling “The Spring” by targeting Facebook Lookalike Audiences

La Jolla Playhouse

Tracking ticket sales and return on ad spend with the Facebook pixel

How can I use Ads for my nonprofit?

  • Find new supporters by reaching outside your existing community
  • Reach out to people who are similar to your existing supporters
  • Make sure more of your audience sees an important post
  • Send calls to action to people with particular demographics, interests or behaviors
  • Drive specific behaviors, like visiting your website or signing up for your email list

Why is it set up this way?

This structure allows you to track the performance of your ads at multiple levels so that you can optimize your ad campaign based on what’s working. For example, you can look at the ad set level to see which audience is responding best and shift more of your budget to that audience. Or you can look at the ad level and see which ad is most engaging to an audience set, and put more of your budget behind that ad. By adjusting the variables of campaigns, ad sets and ads, you can test a wide variety of combinations to learn what works the best for achieving your organization’s goals.

Visit Ads Manager to get started creating an ad. Ads Manager will take you through a series of steps to build out all the components of your ad.

How do I manage my Ads?

You can go to Ads Manager at any time to see how your ads are performing, make changes, modify target audiences, update your payment info, control your settings and more. If you need to give permissions to lots of people, you can also use Business Manager. Business Manager is a more secure tool for managing access to Pages and ad accounts on Facebook.

Best Practices

Ads are particularly useful if you want to reach new people on Facebook or show your message to specific audiences. You can run ads on almost any budget.

Ads Manager and Business Manager give you access to:

  • Your account overview. Displays the ads you’re running, so you can check the performance of individual ads or ad sets to see larger trends.
  • Account Settings. You can manage your account info, access to your account and reports, notifications and more.
  • Tools. A quick way to get to important campaign tools, like Custom Audiences, Audience Insights, Pages and media you’ve added to your campaigns.

For more details on how to make and manage ads on Facebook, visit our resource site for advertisers.


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