Facebook Marketing – Facebook Marketing is Easy with Shopify

Facebook Marketing – Facebook Marketing is Easy with Shopify

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Facebook marketing should be easy

With Shopify’s Facebook store app, Facebook marketing becomes as simple as a click of a button. Plus, with over 1.23 billion users, you’re sure to be able to find the customers you need to build your business quickly.

Just download the app, pick which products you’d like to market on Facebook, and your store will be set up. You’ll be Facebook marketing in no time. Not all Facebook marketing tools were created equally. This is the one Facebook marketing tool you can really rely on.

Connect with your customers instantly

Personalize the shopping experience with Messenger chat support on your online store and Facebook page. Customers can buy your products directly in a chat, and track their orders in real time.

Manage your Facebook marketing

All the features you need to market your products on Facebook

Fast setup

Get your Facebook marketing strategy underway in very little time. Once your Facebook store is up and running, you can easily promote your products to all of your Facebook fans.

Seamless syncing

Make changes to your Facebook business store easily and from one dashboard. Automating your Facebook marketing will save you time and money.

Totally integrated

Your Shopify store and your Facebook store are integrated. Facebook marketing will quickly become one of your most profitable channels.


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