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Why Whatsapp Marketing ?

Whenever social media comes to your mind, you think of sites like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus. But do you know that Messenger apps like Whatsapp have catch up with social networks in terms of monthly active users. In fact growth of messenger app like Whatsapp has been higher than Facebook. Now everyone is looking for option to promote their Website/Apps on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp has emerged as one of the biggest messenger app in the world, with over 1.5 billion monthly active user’s worldwide. This is the reason Facebook purchased Whatsapp for $19 Billion Dollars in 2014.

With over 200 Million Whatsapp Users in India and over 98% Message open rate, makes whatsapp the most engaging marketing channel on the planet. You cannot ignore this kind of market penetration any more. But the question is how you can use Whatsapp for marketing? Below you will find answer to this question.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a free messaging app, it uses internet to send text messages, images, videos, audios and files. The app has become so popular! Because it is very similar to text sms service, but Whatsapp app user’s can send messages via internet because of which cost for sending messages is almost nil.

Whatsapp users by country?

Whatsapp is now used in 180 countries worldwide or 55.6 percent of World Population uses Whatsapp daily. According to 2017 stats Whatsapp is most active in following countries.

Saudi Arabia – 73%

Malaysia – 68%

Germany – 65%

Brazil – 56%

Mexico – 56%

Turkey – 50%

South Africa – 49%

Indonesia – 40%

India – 28%

Why you should start marketing on Whatsapp?

Whatsapp with over 98 percent message open rate out performs any other customer outreach method like SMS or Email. Not just that 90 percent messages get opened with in three seconds after delivery on Whatsapp. No wonder Whatsapp has emerged as the most engaging channel on the planet today.

More than 60 Billion messages are sent on Whatsapp daily. Surprisingly in one survey messaging app users like Whatsapp are comfortable in engaging with business via direct messaging. In the same survey 53 percent people said they are more likely to shop from business if business offers direct messaging option.

Whatsapp Marketing Restrictions?

WhatsApp doesn’t offer any ad space for businesses to buy, which is why marketing on Whatsapp has been impossible. Recently Whatsapp launched Whatsapp Business App, but with business app you can only reach out to your existing customers. What about 200 Millions Whatsapp users in India (Excluding your customers). So how can you reach these 200 Million Whatsapp Users? Answer is YesMobo.

With YesMobo now Whatsapp Marketing is possible.

We have already mentioned above that marketing on Whatsapp is impossible then how come whatsapp marketing is now possible via YesMobo? Before we answer this question let us put some light on another interesting fact.

We have also mentioned above that Whatsapp does have 98 percent message open rate which is highest for any network. So how come Whatsapp achieved 98 percent message open rate? Answer is Whatsapp is a private platform of small groups consisting of our friends, relatives and colleagues. Because people who know each other and are also connected on Whatsapp when they share any message with each other the message receiver will for sure open and read that message.

Imagine if a Million people on Whatsapp share information about your Website or app with just 10 friends each. Your website or app will get promoted in front of 10 Million Whatsapp users.

Interestingly at YesMobo we have managed to open the doors for businesses to start marketing on Whatsapp. At YesMobo we have developed an ecosystem where in businesses can now market on Whatsapp without breaking any Whatsapp policies.

Here is how it works.

Advertiser signups for account at and on signing up for account we give complementary 100 credits. Using these 100 Credits advertiser can submit his first Whatsapp Marketing Campaign with us. We will cross check the Ad and if everything is fine then we will approve same Ad. Once Ad is approved it gets published at YesMobo App. Our YesMobo app users are basically Whatsapp users too. So once Ad is published on YesMobo App our app users start sharing same Ad with their friends, relatives or colleagues on Whatsapp. Now if any one of those people who might be interested in your offer or business will click on the link given in the Ad copy 25 Paisa will be deducted from your campaign budget and simultaneously 25 Paisa will be credited into the account of person who shared your Ad. Once you have consumed Free 100 Credits then you can buy more credits online instantly.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies and Tips.

1) No direct selling – To get best Whatsapp Marketing results, try and not pitch your service or product directly (Like a Sale Pitch). Instead try making your Ad copy a bit viral and informative which people will be happy to further share on Whatsapp.

2) Call for action – Marketing on Whatsapp is an art, and you need to master this art. Do not worry it is not that tough. Try and add call for actions in the end of your Ad Copy.

For Example –

– Please do share this information with everyone.

– If you wish to buy (xyz product) then click on link given below

– Install this app by clicking on below given link.

3) Word Limit – To Short Ad Description or To Long Ad Description will not work. So try and keep your Ad Description with in 150 Words. To short looks like direct sale pitch and even spam and to long will make users ignore your Ad.

Some Interesting Whatsapp Statistics.

NOTE – Below given statistics can be old and might have changes by now. We have collected these Statistics from publically available sources on internet. For accurate statistics please visit other resources.

– Whatsapp Users WorldWide?

1.5 Billion

– How Many users use Whatsapp Status Daily?

300 Million daily active users

– Number of messages sent on Whatsapp daily?

60 Billion

– Number of Groups on Whatsapp?

1 Billion

– All languages Whatsapp Support?

60 Languages

– How many photos are shared on Whatsapp daily?

4.5 Billion

– Number of active whatsapp users in India?

200 Million

– Average time users spends on Whatsapp weekly?

195 minutes

– Average monthly messages sent by Whatsapp users?


– Whatsapp users on Android device?


– Whatsapp users on iOS device?



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