Report a Problem on Ads Manager

Report a Problem on Ads Manager

If you have suggestions for how we can improve Ads Manager or you think you’ve found a bug, follow the steps below to let us know.

  1. In the top-right corner, select .
  2. Select Report a Problem from the bottom of the help menu.
  3. Choose topics from the dropdown menus.
  4. Add details in the text box. If you’re reporting a bug include the steps you took to encounter the issue.
  5. Select Add a screenshot or video (recommended) to attach files.
  6. Select Send Feedback.

Providing feedback on our tools helps us make our products better. While we don’t reply to every submission, we may contact you for more details as we investigate. We appreciate the time it takes to report a problem.

If you need help solving a specific problem, please search the Help Center.


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