Promote Instagram Creators’ Content through Branded Content Ads

Promote Instagram Creators’ Content through Branded Content Ads

Step 2: Campaign Set Up – Ads Manager

Once the creator has tagged your business in a branded content post and given permission to promote it, follow these steps:

Note that by the end of October 2019, publishers and creators will have the ability to create ads with the branded content format in Ads Manager, without needing to promote a pre-existing organic post. However, this capability is not yet available to advertisers who want to run a Branded Content ad coming from an individual creator’s Instagram handle.

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As of September 2019, you can now also promote organic feed posts as Branded Content ads on Stories and in Explore.

How the ad appears as a Story

How the ad appears in Explore

Once you’ve created your ad, it will be reviewed by Facebook and you’ll be notified when it’s approved. The ad will then appear in the Instagram feeds and Stories of the audience you chose. You won’t be able to manage or delete likes and comments that appear on the promoted branded content feed post or Story.

Note: As of December 2019, it is possible to promote static images, videos and carousel posts as Branded Content ads. For Stories, @mentions, hashtags, emojis, GIFs and stickers are also not supported at this time.


Once your ad is live, you’ll have access to all of the standard ad reporting metrics in Ads Manager. Insights for organic Instagram branded content will be available within Brands Collab Manager, which can be accessed from the Facebook Pages Settings.


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