Facebook Marketing App Reviews – Facebook Marketing Feedback & Ratings

Facebook Marketing App Reviews – Facebook Marketing Feedback & Ratings

Facebook Marketing

Promote products to the right audience on Facebook.

Overall rating Based on 92 reviews

  • 25% of ratings are 5 stars

  • 5% of ratings are 4 stars

  • 7% of ratings are 3 stars

  • 8% of ratings are 2 stars

  • 55% of ratings are 1 stars

Unable to contact the business manager due to Facebook policies.
I think something is wrong with the application

Truly sucks – unable to create business manager and find appropriate policies to sign off on.
Funny it is difficult to offer feedback

This has been super frustrating to say the least… The Account wont even connect to get to use…..


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Nous pouvons vraiment bénéficier d’un grand soutient grâce à cette application qui nous permet vraiment d’avoir de la réussite dans notre business. Facebook est vraiment super pour notre réussite dans le e-commerce. Nous pouvons avoir accès à une application hyper géniale et intelligente , une logistique de qualité et super professionnelle .

I ca n’t complete the application and it does n’t prompt for steps at all and I have n’t explained why it failed

I am not able to run any ads, every time I try is a ridiculous lecture about breaking policies, I just take my photos and use it to make the ads, simple ads not violating anything, what is the stuff about a visa page or my ads are misleading, where is the mislead, nono of the stuff mentioned apply to me a bit.
Utterly ridiculous

I can’t even figure out how to connect my ads account manager. Most confusing thing ever! I would think there be more resources to help.

This was so quick and easy to use. Simple and clear. But sometimes it has some bugs. So I remove it.

Thanks for sharing this feedback about your experience with the Facebook Marketing app. I’d really like to speak with you further about the bugs you encountered while using this app, so I’m going to reach out to you via email. Please reply directly to my email once you receive it, so that we can discuss this in more detail, and then I can share your feedback with our developers directly. Thanks! – Rae, Shopify Support

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