Facebook Audience Insights – A Helpful Illustrated Guide 2019

Facebook Audience Insights – A Helpful Illustrated Guide 2019

Is your Facebook campaign not working?

Can’t figure out what data you’re looking at or don’t know how to use Facebook Audience Insights tool?

Well, don’t worry…

I’ve personally been doing all the leg-work for the past few years using the audience insights tool and I am going to share every single WORKING and TESTED technique on how to use audience Insights of Facebook.

As I have already been into different online communities, I usually found such issues from online marketers….






New ecommerce entrepreneurs often run a single campaign to find audience insights and call it a day after that campaign fails.

Once, you are done with this article, you will have the absolute knowledge of how to use Facebook audience insights, how to LASER target your passionate buyers and get the most out of your ad campaigns via Facebook Audience Insights tool.

Facebook Audience Insights Hacks To Generate Sales in 60 Minutes

  • How Do I Get Facebook Audience Insights?
  • Four Rules of Thumb to Find Perfect Audience on Facebook
  • 11 Facebook Audience Insights Hacks to Find Your Passionate Buyers
  • What is Laser targeting on Facebook?
  • Common Problems With Broad Facebook Targeting
  • Most Common Problems of New Entrepreneurs!
  • Why Most Facebook Campaigns Fail

How Do I Get Facebook Audience insights

To get audience insights tool, you must have a Facebook Ads Manager account, if you have one then just go to facebook.com/ads/audience-insights.

If you don’t have a ads manager account, no big deal, Facebook users can make it with their profile. Just check this comprehensive Business Manager guide for help.

Here is how you get access to Facebook Audience Insight,

Login to your Facebook Business Manager > Click Business Manager Bar > Click Audience Insights

After getting into Audience Insights dashboard you will have to choose your audience from two options

  • Everyone on Facebook (Target all audience)
  • People connected with your page (Target audience of your page)

After choosing the audience, you will have the complete access to the Facebook Insights tool.

This is how Facebook Audience Insights dashboard looks like.


In the left sidebar, you get the important option to insert information.

  • Location
  • Age and Gender
  • Interest

You need to add the data here to get the required information.

Four Rules of Thumb to Find Perfect Audience on Facebook

1- Your interest must have an audience size in between 50K – 300K. Not in millions.


2- Top categories must show 85%-95% relevant results.


3- Affinity score should be high. Low-affinity score reflects the least relevant audience.


4- Check the recommend results if they are still engaged on the page or not?



Passionate Buyer = That One Thing Which Only & Only Die Hard Fan Would Know!

11 Facebook Audience Insights Hacks to Find Your Passionate Buyers

Have you ever thought what if you want to earn money in that niche about which you have never heard of? Seems challenging? Won’t be anymore!

Use these 11 untold secrets to know how to use facebook audience insights to find a niche.

Secret#1 – Your Niche + Websites

Suppose you are a newbie and you do not know anything about the nursing niche. I am going to the show you the simple way to use facebook audience insights.

What simple steps you should take to find the potential audience for your nursing niche?

Go to Google.com.

Type your niche specific keyword (nursing) + websites.

Here is what Google suggested:


Pick any website and insert it into Facebook Audience Insight.


Rule#1 – Audience size must be in between 50K – 300K.


Rule#2 – Top categories must show 85%-95% relevant results.


Rule#3 – Affinity score should be huge.


Rule#4 – Check the recommended results if they are still engaged or not!


As you can see allnurses.com has all the pre-requisites covered, now I can confidently target allnurses.com as an interest for my nursing niche.


Secret#2 – Your Niche + Blogs

The second secret to get your target audience is “Your Niche + Blogs”.

For instance, you aim to generate revenue from nursing niche but you do not know how to?

You just go to google.com and typed nursing blogs in google search bar.


You can see google suggestions for nursing blogs. Open the highlighted link.


From the provided result, I selected allnurses.com and put it on Facebook Audience Insight.


Now see if it fulfills all 4 Rules of Thumb:

Rule#1 – Audience size must be in between 50K – 300K.


Rule#2 – Top categories must show 85%-95% relevant results.


Rule#3 – Affinity score should be huge.


Rule#4 – Check the recommend results if they are still engaged or not!


The results have successfully passed all the pre-requisites, now you should be confident enough to do advertising on the Facebook users associated with this blog.


Secret#3 – Your Niche + Facebook Page

Go to Google.com & type nursing Facebook pages.


Google will show you all the relevant results. Click on the highlighted link.


Pick any Facebook page from the opened link and insert that into Facebook audience insights interest section. For instance, I selected National Student Nurses’ Association.


Then I put the same interest in Facebook audience insight.


Let’s verify it.

Rule#1 – Audience size must be in between 50K – 300K.


Though monthly active people count is less than 50K but due to relevancy, I would love to try this interest.

Rule#2 – Top categories must show 85%-95% relevant results.


Rule#3 – Affinity score should be huge.


Rule#4 – Check the recommend results if they are still engaged or not!


As you can see that page is active and it has posted something just 2 days ago.

As you can see that selected result has successfully passed most of the pre-requisites, you should be confident enough to target this interest for your Facebook marketing.


Secret#4 – Your Niche + Magazines

The fourth secret I am going to reveal is the proper use of Magazines audience.

This audience is the most perfect audience!

Let’s take bodybuilding niche for instance.

I went to Google.com and typed bodybuilding magazines.


Google showed relevant results associated to bodybuilding magazines.

I will just pick one suggestion “Iron Man” to see if it works for me.

I go to Facebook Audience Insight and put my interest iron man.


Now check if this interest has gone through all the rules successfully.

Rule#1 – Audience size must be in between 50K – 300K.

This interest has an active people in between 50K – 60K. It successfully fulfilled the first requirement.


Rule#2 – Top categories must show 85%-95% relevant results.


Rule#3 – Affinity score should be huge.


Rule#4 – Check the recommend results if they are still engaged or not!

I picked one suggested result “Critical Bench” and you can see that last post it did was 11 hours ago.


It clearly shows that you can target this Facebook interest list if you are aiming to target bodybuilding audience on Facebook.


Secret#5 – Your Niche + Association

This is another secret that has the “passionate + premium” audience for any niche. They are extremely loyal customers.

I just went to google and type “nursing association”.


It showed me all the relevant association results of people connected with nursing niche.


I picked American Nurses Association as in association interest and insert it on Facebook audience insight interest section.


Rule#1 – Audience size must be in between 50K – 300K.

After inserting this interest, I got to know that this interest has 300K – 350K monthly active people that fulfill my first rule of thumb.


Rule#2 – Top categories must show 85%-95% relevant results.

The second rule was to have 85%-95% relevant results after inserting your interest and you can see that this condition also met.


Rule#3 – Affinity score should be huge.

Affinity score is massive here, that defines the power of relevancy.


Rule#4 – Check the recommend results if they are still engaged or not!

The last post this page did was on yesterday with good engagement too.


It simply shows that this interest is ideal to target for your advertising as it has cleared all the pre-requisites.


What Else?

Well, this is NOT the END!

By applying the exact method of the above secrets, you can find your most passionate niche-specific buyers by using these secrets as well.

Secret#6 – Your Niche + Forums

Secret#7 – Your Niche + Brands

Secret#7 – Your Niche + Public Figure

Secret#8 – Your Niche + Communities

Secret#9 – Your Niche + Niche Specific Characters (Sirius Black

of Harry Potter)

Secret#10 – Your Niche + Events

Secret#11 – Your Niche + Authors/Books

There will be some niches where you won’t be able to find relevant interests from Google. But, we’ve got another method and it can be done from the Facebook Audience Insights Tool. Here’s how you can do it.

Let’s take niche “Fortnite”. Since Googling “Fortnite + blog/website” comes up with not so relevant results.

In that case, you go to the Audience Insight tool and add “Fortnite” as an interest there.


Go to Page Likes and see what relevant pages pop up in this area. (We see Rockstar Games in the liked pages).


Now, go to the Location area and see what are the popular locations for “Fortnite”.


Since you have enough information. You can go to the Ads Manager to narrow down your audience even further.


Create a new campaign and select any objective.


You need to select a location. Since Audience Insights tool showed you the most popular locations, you can use any one of those here. Choose United States for this example.


You found that people who liked Fortnite were also into Rockstar games. So, add Rockstar games as an interest here.


This won’t narrow your audience entirely, so you need to click Narrow Audience and add an additional interest which is Fortnite. Once you do that, audience will automatically be narrowed down to people who are into Fortnite and like Rockstar games as well.


You have around 140,000 people as your potential reach which quite a laser-targeted focus.

Now, you can go ahead and apply these techniques to hack your way through Facebook Audience Insight.

What is Laser-targeting on Facebook?

laser-tragetingLaser targeting is the process of finding the most hardcore and passionate buyers for your products/services on Facebook.

How to use Laser Targeting in Facebook Audience Insights

Suppose you go to a room where 1000’s of people are sitting and you ask: “how many of you know about Tennis”.

You might get 100% response.

Now you ask another question, how many of you know about “Pete Sampras”?

You might get 50% response.

Because only engaged tennis fans would know about Pete Sampras.

Now you ask another question “how many of you have visited ESPN’s page?”, chances will be 25%-30%.

This 25%-30% will be your real passionate buyers.

It means, getting to know about Pete Sampras was taking Facebook audience insights and from that asking ‘who visited ESPN Page’ is laser targeting.

In simple equation:

Passionate Buyer = That One Thing Which Only & Only Die Hard Fan Would Know!

Why Most Facebook Campaigns Fail


Did you know? Majority of ad campaigns fail due to poor ad targeting and poor audience insights Facebook analysis, even when those campaigns had very good designs that could easily attract customers.

After analyzing hundreds of social media queries the major of campaign failure is bad research in Facebook ads research.

Most people waste their cash on Facebook advertising and lesser time on research that concludes in failed marketing campaigns.

Most Common Problems For New Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Many new entrepreneurs who just jumped on ecommerce bandwagon usually make this mistake.

They go for broad targeting instead of finding their real customers on Facebook.

For example, you aim to run a campaign for United States Football Fans, Badminton Fans or people who love running.

You go to Facebook audience insight and selected Football in the interest section.


You will see relevant results as per your Facebook interests but is this really something that can generate money for you? NO!

The reason is, Facebook will target anyone with your minimum targeting criteria because you’re showing your ad to an audience that isn’t necessarily passionate about your niche. In short, wastage of money!

The image below will explain this to you in detail.


It shows that you have 9M-10M active people who are somehow engaged in your interest.

Just imagine the cost associated to target all 9M-10M people. That’s quite a sum!

Now when I clicked on Page Likes tab, it showed me too many irrelevant interests.


If you check Page’s likes section, again, you will irrelevant pages to target against your money.


This is not a bug in Facebook.

In the page likes tab, there are 3 things that you need to consider.

  1. Top Categories – (Facebook has categorized your interest in these categories)
  2. Page likes – (Likely audience to your based on your interest)
  3. Affinity – How likely your target audience is going to like this page based on an interest you just inserted.

You just saw majority of results was irrelevant. But, why is fb showing this as your target audience?

This is just because of a concept called “Likes by Association“.


Likes by Association happens when some page has shared any football/niche specific image/textual or a video and you liked it even though you are not that passionate about that niche.

If you are not a fan of football but your friend is and he shared a particular video/image of that niche and you liked it or took any action on that post, your profile will count as someone who is interested in that niche.

This is also the reason why you sometimes find yourself being targeted by Facebook ads that you think are irrelevant to you.

Common Problems With Broad Targeting:

Here the few major problems that have been seen while targeting your customers broadly on Facebook.

  • It has too large audience size (in most of the cases, in millions). And you can’t possibly target them all without spending a ludicrous sum on your ad.
  • Irrelevant audience additions from Facebook.
  • 10M-15M people cannot be passionate about your niche.
  • Broad targeting may bring worst customers for your product who might not purchase even a single unit.

To fix this issue, you need to spend some time on real research for your laser targeted audience. That I have mentioned above.

That does it for me! I hope you learned a fair bit about Facebook Audience Insights today and hopefully, it will yield positive results for you.


Please remember! Your feedback matters a lot to me. Therefore, provide your valuable feedback about the experience in the comments section below.

Feel free to connect with me directly on Facebook or join my Closed Community.


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