WhatsApp Marketing – WS Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing – WS Marketing

Following our years of involvement in providing the WhatsApp marketing services, we have the wide knowledge in consulting our clients of the right strategy for better result.

Over 3 years experience

We have more than 3 years experience in WhatsApp Marketing

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services

System is strong

Our system is strong in its present and promise a consistent performance

Established Whatsaap Marketing provider

We are an established WhatsApp Marketing provide and has worked with renowned names in industry

Web application providing access to the decentralised peer to peer network through anonymously created accounts with optional biometric security.


How it benefits you ?

Capacity to Carry Image and Text

Unlike traditional info sharing in text message, WhatsApp can carry both text and image which make your ads become more attractive.

Minimum Content Send Rate

You can choose the minimum content that you wish to deliver in your ads but reach to the most number of WhatsApp users that you want.

Targeted Demographics Marketing

Be specific for who, where, and when your ads need to reach. Strategical demographic options will give you the result that you want.

Quick Response

WhatsApp is easy and used all the time by the users. Expect immediate response once your ads have been blasted and hit your right audience

Higher Reading Rate

WhatsApp users will check the incoming messages through notifications received. They will definitely check out the latest text in the chat.

Ad Sharing

It gets more interesting when your ads are being shared by the targeted user to their family and friends. Now your ads can already be the talk of the town!

Need More Business & Exposure ?

Then, you must go for
WhatsApp Blasting Service

We have consultants and strategic partners with expertise in all areas of marketing content production including graphic design, copywriting, radio advertisement, video commercial and web developer to send to your target audience by using our database.


Chinese / Indian / Malay


18-30 or 31-55 or 55-70


Nationwide by postcode


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