Top 8 WhatsApp Marketing Tools in 2019

Top 8 WhatsApp Marketing Tools in 2019

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In today’s digital world, marketing is changing drastically. This change is brought about with the adoption of new technologies by the users. Digital marketing started its journey by sending cold emails. Then, Yahoo, Bing, Google, and more such search engines showed up their evergreen marketing channels. Followed by them came the social media sensations like Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. At present, digital marketing has reached to Q&A platforms like Quora.

With 1.5 billion active users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most sought-after messaging application. Having realized the power of WhatsApp, the concept of WhatsApp marketing is now emerging in the market.

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Why Should you use WhatsApp Marketing?

Due to the high acceptance of WhatsApp amongst the users, it stands as a golden opportunity for marketers. But, WhatsApp does not support ads. Besides, bombarding messages without the users having saved your contact number can risk you to be put in their blocked list. So, brands need to be more creative to reach their potential customers through this platform.

Perhaps, the WhatsApp Marketing Tools can aid you. Here, we have aggregated the top 8 WhatsApp marketing tools of 2019 to help you sail your marketing strategies smoothly.

Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools to Watch Out

1. WhatsAppMarketing


WhatsAppMarketing is a platform that enables you to create campaigns through WhatsApp. You can create and upload the lists of potential clients with your smartphone. These lists are stored on your user panel so that you can send bulk messages at any time. This includes broadcasting messages with text, photos, and videos.


  • You can send bulk messages from your database.
  • You can attach images, videos, texts with more than 1,000 characters per message, or a viral YouTube video URL.
  • It provides statistics to gauge the results of delivered messages.
  • It lets you customize your campaign of bulk messages by recipient’s first name, last name, city, or birthday greetings to ensure success.
  • WhatsAppMarketing provides API document as well as API key to send personalized messages.
  • You can create Polls through WhatsApp.
  • Automatic free replies are sent when users answer your campaign.


Number of Messages Total Package Price per Message
5.000 Message Credits $176.20 $0.0352
10.000 Message Credits $345.71 $0.0346
20.000 Message Credits $691.42 $0.0346
50.000 Message Credits $1338.24 $0.0268
100.000 Message Credits $2230.40 $0.0223
300.000 Message Credits $6356.64 $0.0212

Profile Picture + Image + Text = 1 Credit Message

Profile Picture + Video + Text = 2 Credit Messages

Credits don’t expire.

2. WappBlaster


From bulk sender WappBlaster, you can send unlimited messages to your potential clients. It lets you enhance your message by attaching a picture or a video with a caption. You can avail free Filter software, all over India database, unlimited channels for the USA, and 5 India real SIM channels with WappBlaster software.


  • You can send unlimited texts with unlimited character limit to your clients.
  • You can attach a photo or a video with a caption to outstand your messages.
  • You can even share a viral video’s link to achieve thousands of clicks or views.
  • It enables you to create and upload the database of your clients.
  • It provides you instant report for the messages you have sent.
  • It features an in-built number filter.


First Key Second Key
$42 $17

3. Allwebmart


Allwebmart facilitates you to send WhatsApp messages to convey their services or products to their customer group. It ensures 100% delivery of messages. You can create customer outreach without fearing message spam when you are using WhatsApp marketing tool from Allwebmart.


Depending on your plan:

  • You can send a minimum of 100 messages to an unknown person and 3000 messages to a known person.
  • You can add WhatsApp group for promotion.
  • It allows you to add unlimited characters to your text messages.
  • It also lets you attach images, videos, and audios to your messages.


WhatsApp Blaster For Official Use WhatsApp Marketing Software Sender Pro Bulk WhatsApp Q-sender WhatsApp Panel
INR 3500 INR 2000 INR 1300 Starts with INR 2500

4. WhatsApp SMS Myntra


WhatsApp SMS myntra helps you send bulk text messages to numerous clients immediately. It provides highly developed features that let you keep a track on your marketing campaigns. You can even choose to promote your business worldwide by making use of their database.


  • It allows you to send bulk text messages to announce your updates and offers to potential clients.
  • With its Mobile Number List, you can choose a message of your choice and share it with your clients in no time.
  • You can send an audio message to clients.
  • It lets you send personalized messages to selected clients.
  • You can even share transactional details with your clients to enhance transparency.
  • It enables you to add unlimited mobile numbers so that you can send messages anytime and from anywhere.
  • You can also share your offer with clients through its bulk email list.


  • You need to contact WhatsApp SMS myntra to know its pricing plan.

5. WhatSender


WhatSender is free software that allows you to send bulk messages right from your PC. It is supported by the following OS – Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/8, and Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit). However, the free version does not allow you to copy or import multiple contacts from a file.


  • You can send personalized messages with your recipient’s name, birthday, and other variables.
  • It allows you to send bulk messages to all contacts even when they are not stored on your address book.
  • You can benefit from its advanced features like WhatsApp Groups, Sending Log, Timed Sending, Number Filter, and more.
  • If you are not using its free version, you can import all your contacts from CSV and TXT files or by simply copying and pasting.


WhatSender Free WhatSender Professional
Free $29.90

6. Whatsapp Bulk Sender


WhatsApp Bulk Sender boasts of providing the most advanced WhatsApp marketing tool. It lets you send thousands of messages to your potential clients in no time. Moreover, it offers you the flexibility to send messages from any number anytime and anywhere.


  • It allows you to add unlimited WhatsApp numbers and send thousands of messages.
  • You can personalize your inbox for all the incoming messages. You can send an individual reply to all your channels.
  • You can also categorize your contacts into different groups.
  • WhatsApp Bulk Sender lets you import Excel or CSV contact lists to your group.
  • It lets you send messages in any format – text, video, audio, image, and vCard.
  • It helps you keep the junk out by filtering your WhatsApp numbers in 3 seconds.


Standard License Ultimate License
You need to contact WhatsApp Bulk Sender for its pricing. You need to contact WhatsApp Bulk Sender for its pricing.

7. Agnitas


Agnitas is a high-performance digital push marketing suite that offers a perfect tool for WhatsApp service campaigns. It leverages you the benefit to customize your control of WhatsApp messages with other channels like text messages, fax, email, and web push.


  • It offers cross channel marketing, i.e., you can integrate other communication channels like fax, email, web push notifications, and text messages into your campaigns.
  • You can personalize and individualize WhatsApp messages for sending information to different groups.
  • It integrates CRM features to help you with your customer database.
  • It lets you automate marketing to ensure that your messages are sent to the recipient at the right time.
  • As it offers integration with some popular systems, you can access the relevant data needed for your WhatsApp marketing.
  • With Agnitas, you can design your WhatsApp message, customize it, and test it before transmitting to the audience.
  • It provides complete statistics to help you determine the success of your campaign.


  • You can connect with Agnitas to know about its pricing plans.

8. Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software


Viking, WhatsApp marketing software, enables you to broadcast thousands of messages at a time. It lets you convey your information to the users in the form of text, image, and documents.


  • You can send bulk media and text messages to your customers. You can also attach document messages in the form of excel, word, and vCard.
  • It saves your time by letting you add unlimited WhatsApp numbers and send messages from any number at any time and from anywhere.
  • It keeps the junk away from your campaign by filtering thousands of WhatsApp users in 3 seconds.
  • You can customize your inbox for all the incoming messages. This lets you reply individually to all your channels.
  • It facilitates WhatsApp Forwarding so that you can upload images, audios, and videos quickly.


Viking WhatsApp Tools Ultimate License
$135 per year (for 3 PCs)
$95 for 6 months (for 3 PCs)

If used appropriately, WhatsApp can turn out to be a great marketing channel for your business. Many brands have already realized WhatsApp’s potential and have started using it. Being innovative is what is required to make the most out of this medium.

So, leverage these top WhatsApp marketing tools to boost your business endeavors.


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