Whatsapp Marketing Strategy Secrets 2020

Whatsapp Marketing Strategy Secrets 2020

December 24, 2019

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Whatsapp Marketing Strategy is a long-term approach with effective planning to boost business growth. Many new marketing channels are coming up and many old yet popular apps are still trending the charts.

WhatsApp is one of them. Its rising popularity has led to the launch of WhatsApp Business. There are millions of downloaders of this app and by far it works as a best sanctuary for marketers to catch potential customers.

The most popular app is already outraging other apps due to higher user engagement value. Marketers can easily promote their brands through aesthetic features of the app. i.e. through videos, audios and messages. Also, being the most trusted and reliable source of medium, winning customers’ heart becomes much handy.

Whatsapp - A popular marketing strategy

Therefore WhatsApp must be a part of your upcoming year’s marketing strategy.

Let’s See The Secrets To Uplift Whatsapp Marketing Strategy

1. Authentic and Secure Platform :

Unlike other apps, which are generally loaded with advertisements. WhatsApp is free of such advertisements chaos. Also, misusing data is a normal issue now-a-days. WhatsApp is on a safer side in that sense too. It encrypts messages and doesn’t share info with any of the third parties.

Therefore, it is a safe and secure platform to invest in.The major benefit of this app is,it requires business to get verified. This in turn dissolves the issue of fraudulence on the part of users.

2. Allows easier accessibility :

No other marketing channel provides 24/7 accessibility to its users as WhatsApp Business. It allows the transparent accessibility between you and users. With no involvement of any third person, WhatsApp Business is the most reliable,fast and efficient platform. Also, user queries can be resolved in a blink of a second with real-time messages.

3. Effective customer research :

You can easily know about what is actually going on in the mind of your customers. This way, you can gather massive info about your customers.

  • Ask your customers needs and preferences by directly questioning them.
  • Send them surveys and polls and know their feedback.
  • Resolve their queries quickly.

customer research through whatsapp business strategy

Let customers know that you value them.

4. Personalization at its peak :

The app enables you to solidify your brand presence and authenticity. Create your WhatsApp business profile and you are good to go with sending updates, alerts and personalized promotions to the users. Also, users can easily analyze your credibility when your account is already confirmed and verified. This way, you can engage them personally without much hassle.

5. Quick customer service :

Once a customer opt-in, you can engage your users directly over their phones. Most of the people still asks queries through the messages, thus quick and fast responses make their day. Also, the process can benefit you as you can store the messages and use them time and again to fasten up the query resolution process.

Quick customer service in whatsapp marketing startegy

Note : Many organizations and companies can take advantage of automated messages in case they are not able to respond to the customers.

6. Be accessible to a wider audience :

Users of all age groups can reach their favorite brands and listen from them now more often. The app is the need of the hour from both sides, whether its customers or users. Brands can go to the core of their customer’s mind and lead their heart with a quick and faster communicative medium. What works as cherry on the cake is the Personalization factor which catches user’s attention must quickly.

Note : In turn, users voices can be easily heard by the brands.

7. Gain beneficial user insights :

Messaging statistics feature of the app enables you to gain productive user insights. Consequently, You can know the raging hours when customers are active or the delivery of your messages. This way, you can carry out future conversations and measure your success levels too.

whatsapp business user insights

For example : You can use features such as putting labels. It enables you to categorize your contacts and conversations all at one integrated platform. Thereby, you can send messages according to the labels. It simplifies your wider accessibility.

8. Communicate with different tools :

You can use a wide range of tools to engage your users. Create a catchy content and send it along with audios or videos, GIFs to let users see a brighter picture of your brand.

whatsapp business qr code

For example, A prominent example is the functionality of QR codes.Customers can easily scan them. They are simply directed to an immediate instant message exchange with a business through the app.


The above potentialities of WhatsApp Business can easily propel your business growth. Its wider accessibility allows marketers to reach users worldwide. In other words, WhatsApp is a strong weapon to simplify the lengthy process of customer journey.



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