WhatsApp Marketing – Whatsapp Marketing Strategy | WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Marketing – Whatsapp Marketing Strategy | WhatsApp for Business

Everyone is talking about marketing on facebook, twitter Instagram and others, but not everyone is talking about WhatsApp Marketing. Meanwhile, there is a serious potential been wasted away as people are not taking advantage of the WhatsApp platform for their marketing campaign and that is why this post is coming your way today. On this post, I will show you the different way in which you can market on the WhatsApp platform, also talk about the WhatsApp for business and finally software for this kind of marketing. So sit back and relax.

WhatsApp Marketing

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What is WhatsApp Marketing?

This is the process of capitalizing on the population of the WhatsApp and effectivity turning it into profit for your business, your brand or whats have you. There are over 1.2billion active users on the WhatsApp platform monthly which is why this platform is one of the best places to start any form of marketing you want to engage in.

Whatsapp ss the second most used instant chat messenger today which can be capitalized on to make a profit. there are several kinds of ways to do so this and they will all be talked about on this post in a bit. Now you might be thinking that these are difficult but I promise you that it is east and you will see it once we start talking about them.

Whatsapp Marketing Strategy

here are some of the Whatsapp marketing strategies I would like to talk to you about on this post today and we are not going to waste any more time. Let’s go ahead and jump into it.

Whatsapp Status

Now almost everyone using this application love updating their status. The status feature has become another very important feature of this application and also can be utilized for marketing. How it works is simple. When you have a product or a service or anything you want to market you can create pictures or even videos of them and upload them on your WhatsApp status for your friends, and everyone you have their contacts to see and drive sales from there.

This is one of the easiest ways to market on this platform. And as you have seen it is very easy to do. Many WhatsApp users are engaging in this and are making lots of profit. it is a good place to start from the on this platform. So give that a try today and thank me later.

WhatsApp Groups

There are two ways to utilize these groups. The first is that you can create a group for just for your product or your company or the service you render. So that you can be adding members who are interested in your business and also and also spread your group invites link so that more interested patients can join.

The other way is to join different groups and market or introduce your product for others to see and then drive your sales from there. It is as simple as that. Now am not asking you to spam any group with your product as you might get banned. What you do is to tell them you have a particular kind of product or business and anybody interested can private message you and you continue from there.

One-to-one chat

This method works hand in hand with the group method. What is there is that you can just add up some of the people in a group and do some WhatsApp advertising of your businesses to them and then sell your self or your product and also other contacts on your phones contact list.

Create a broadcast list

This is one easy way to update those that you have already successfully engage within your business in the past and also added new people and then broadcast new products and services about your business for them to see. This is a very effective way to this as it is very easy and can bring about sales.

Let me throw I a tip for free. Create a very captivating short video clip or a picture or even a voice message that should be very interesting. This will drag their attention from whatever they are doing.

Provide Assistance and Advice

You can also use this any time to market your self or a product on the WhatsApp platform. By simply providing assistance and advice also help for your customers and be good at it. Which can drive sales and profit?

WhatsApp for Business

This is an entire platform of its own. This was developed mainly for WhatsApp and small businesses. anybody looking to market on this platform should use this application. This app is packed with all that you need to take your small business to the next level. All you need to do is download the app and then set up a business account which should be different from your personal account.

The WhatsApp for the business app makes use of different information, not the same information you have already used for your personal WhatsApp. So that as you are using it you can blend it with the other strategies, I talked above from your personal account. Now check my post on WhatsApp for Business on how to download and set up a business for you and more.

WhatsApp Marketing Software

Though the WhatsApp for business is part of the WhatsApp marketing software we have already talked about it above. We, however, will look at one of this software briefly and I will direct you to the place where you can get it. The WhatsApp Bulk Sender is a desktop app that is capable of sending WhatsApp bulk messages for effective marketing. This is a necessary addition to that of the broadcast list. For more info check WhatsApp Bulk Sender on everything about that.


There is a lot to be made from this platform and it is very important that you do not focus all your attention on facebook. Even on Instagram snapchat and on twitter alone. It is time to get your self ready and effectively engage in WhatsApp marketing and drive lots of profit for your business.

On this post, you have gotten the necessary weapons that you will need to tackle all about WhatsApp Marketing and come out happy and successful on it. So feel free to go back and read through this post again for more clarity.


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